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Published on November 12, 2022

Goo.gl Shortener is a web-based URL shortening service that allows you to create customized URLs to link to web pages and articles: ideal for using links with social networking sites such as Twitter where you are limited on the characters you can use in a posting and for making URLs more user friendly for sharing

Goo.gl Free URL Shortener offers full tracking services so that you can see full data on who clicked on your links, where they came from and a whole host of other information including geographical mapping of your link visitors! If you have your own short URL you can simply set its name servers to Short-Links and use that domain name for all your shortening too! We offer multiple account options for single user and multi-users with range of payment plans which can be viewed on the services page. To register, click the 'Register' button to get started.

What is Free URL Shortener?

Goo.gl Shortener is a URL shortening script which allows users to convert/mask large unfriendly URLs into smaller, more cleaner ones. It can also be used to mask URLs - particularly useful in masking affiliate links so they don’t look like affiliate links. Goo.by Shortener was developed to become the leading URL shortening brand on the Internet, so we strive to give you the best quality in terms of the shortening Urls for the best possible.


Goo.gl Shortener has some really cool and nifty features for all you URL shortening lovers out there. Let's go through a few of those nifty little things:

  • A cool, beautiful design
  • Quick, lightning-fast URL shortening. Just takes a click
  • URL Shortening History that shows you your recent URL shortenings
  • Target framing. This is where you click a URL that has been shortened using the Free URL Shortener script and it takes you to the page, but with a very small banner at the top with the return URL to the Shortener site.
  • Custom tagging which allows you to create a URL with your own word when shortening

As you can see, Goo.gl Shortener has some really brilliant features. If you want to see it in action, visit Goo.by Shortener.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Goo.gl Shortener?

Free URL Shortener is a web-based URL shortening service that allows you to create customized URLs to link to web pages and articles.

For example, if a URL to a blog posting you've written is:


with Goo.gl Shortener you can create a more user-friendly, and of course shorter, URL that you can then use that will point to the same article such as:


Short URLs are easy to remember and give to other people and for linking to articles and web pages from social networking sites such as Twitter where you are restricted to a specific number of characters per post, ideal for inserting in your tweets and blog postings!

Can I track my links?

The simple answer is 'Yes'! Goo.gl Shortener has an extensive integrated tracking and statistics package that enables users to view a wide array of information - such as number of clicks, IP address, OS, Country, Town/City, Date/Time of visit and browser type - regarding visitors that have clicked on a Free URL Shortener. In addition, an integrated mapping system will show you the origin of URL visitors.

Can I use Goo.gl Shortener with Facebook and Twitter?

When you activate an account with Goo.gl Shortener and begin to add links, you will see icons for both Facebook and Twitter adjacent to each URL that you've added for shortening.  Once you have enabled Goo.gl Shortener to access your Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can then simply click on the relevant icon and Free URL Shortener will automatically feed the selected link to the required social networking website.