Apex Coin And Blocknet Join Forces

Published on September 16, 2022

One of the major goals for any Cryptocurrency that wants to make it to the next level is to gain wider acceptance and be usable to the enthusiasts that support the coin.

Obviously, the time in between launch and getting to this place requires a lot of time and dedication from a dev team that’s committed to their project, despite what supporters and detractors have to say along the way.

Apex Coin – a Cryptocurrency that launched way back in July – has continued to follow the path that was laid out months ago. The Apex Coin development В team recently announced that they are teaming up Blocknet, which enables open ended communication and delivery of services between different Cryptocurrencies using a peer to peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains.
(Cryptocurrency 2. 0)Apex Coin Adds FeaturesBy doing so, users of Apex Coin will be able to conduct private payments with a decentralized exchange, as well as take advantage of private messaging. Other features that Blocknet enable include the ability to create, distribute and manage assets within their protocol. Apex Coin Adding Multipool And GamesIn addition to adding Blocknet capabilities, the developers of Apex Coin are introducing a multipool that allows their enthusiasts to mine Altcoins and receive Apex payouts for their mining contributions. For those that prefer the lighter side of technology, Apex Coin is in the process of adding games that people can play using their coin. As per their roadmap for the coin, wallet features and developments currently being worked on include ‘in wallet’ sponsorships and the ability to send donations to others.

Other features that were previously announced and completed are Social Media integration within the wallet. Additionally, they’ve added integration of In-House games, wheel and dice, В a supporting faucet and an improved Graphical User Interface. If you would like to get involved in the Apex Coin project, be sure to visit krypto-website to get started today!