KFC Canada Supports Bitcoin for Fried Chicken "Bitcoin Bucket"

Published on September 16, 2022

KFC Canada releases “Bitcoin Bucket. ”The hugest name in Fried Chicken has launched a “Bitcoin Bucket” with the theme of cryptocurrency, and you can pay for it using cryptocurrency.

KFC Canada launched the advertising campaign Thursday by publishing the Bitcoin Bucket on social media and bringing its Bitcoin price frequently fluctuating based on the 20 CAD exchange rate of the product. Sadly, the Bitcoin Bucket is not available at the local restaurant, but customers who are blessed enough to live in one of KFC’s Canadian Delivery areas can schedule evening deliveries by January 19 at 8 pm EST. For some customers who are excited in what’s actually in the bucket, it includes ten original recipe auctions, waffle potatoes, a medium-sized, medium sauce, and two dives. Avoid Bucket FOMOThe company is working with BitPay to accept Bitcoin payments, but Luddites can still complete their purchase using the coin to avoid increasing the trading fees associated with Bitcoin payments. Nevertheless, the company plans to update the promotion to include Altcoin payments. Twitter’s KFC accounts are known for its hilarious antics, the company sent a personalized portrait to the first person who realized why only the account followed just Spice Girls and six people called Herb and KFC Canada lived up to this reputation in its tweets, supporting the product. In addition to warning customers not to be at hand, the company advised customers to “Avoid Bucket FOMO” and buy the dip; they offer five different types. The company even created a plan to discover the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin’s pseudonym, without which Bitcoin Bucket would not have become a reality.