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Published on November 12, 2022

Quick and convenient Free URL Shortener service

What for do we need shortener?

Regular users are not so worried about the length of web address and what letters it contains. But such links can be inconvenient. There can be a lot of reasons to make a tinylink. Such advantages can be got thanks to such tool as shortener:

  • Convenient use. Shortlink is better to remember and it looks nicer. Such links are also convenient to be send in message.
  • Some sites have limits for message length.
  • The speed of remembering the link. It is a marketing move. That’s why shortening service helps to make easy to remember url.
  • To hide or to mask a web address. For some reasons user needs to hide his/her link.

The quantity of page to page transitions will be significantly increased if to short a link online. It would be enough to remember such popular sites as Twitter, Binance, Facebook and others. Short URL will help to make a tinylink. Shortened variant will be nice and small (to 20 symbols). URL shortening service will be useful for those who deal in partner programs and info business. Because long partner address containing a lot of strange numbers and symbols will hardly draw a partner’s attention. As a rule, such links are just ignored. Such services are used to avoid such situations.

Shortlink could be used for online communication simplification, e.g.:

  • For site optimization
  • For e-mail marketing
  • For print ads
  • For text content
  • For videos
  • For online presentations

How to create shortlink?

The aim of address change is a substitution of a long range of symbols to shortlink. Pressing the shortlink user transfers on the page the address of which was saved in the service base, which was used. To make a tinylink:

  • To copy link that should be shortened
  • To paste it in special window in the upper side of page
  • To press a “Shorten” button
  • Shortlink is ready

What distinguishes our shortlink among other similar services?

A link can be shortened at any service which provides with such possibility. But it is better to choose the service which will help to make it quick and of high quality. Shortlink service has such advantages:

  • Understandable and convenient in use
  • Shortening is a quick process
  • The service facilities are free
  • No need to register for using the service

Links shortening service is a great helper in marketing! Use approved service and get good results quickly and gratis!

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