Storm Windows 10 Activation Tool V17.0 – Green Edition

Published on October 30, 2022

The Storm Windows 10 activator is a System activation tool. With this tool, windows 10 activator download, a relaxed one-key can achieve permanent perfect off-line activation, only for the convenience of the vast number of Windows 10 users

Feature Introduction

  1. As the popularization of the WINDOWS10 system, Storm WIN10 activation tool has added the recent new featured functions to the WINDOWS10 system activation and the latest version of the Office software activation function;
  2. Storm WIN10 activator a key to permanently activated Win7 system, WIN8 system, win8.1 system, buy windows 10 key, WIN10 system and various series of Office software activation issues, easy one key can achieve permanent perfect off-line activation, completely beyond any other WIN10 activation tool.
  3. Accurately identify all the Office versions installed on the computer and activate the Windows system without manual selection;
  4. no need to enter any path and other miscellaneous operations, activation only one key;
  5. Storm Activation tool for the full range of system and Office version, do not need manual selection, more intelligent;
  6. small size, easy to download, easy to activate.

Using methods

Following is the use of Storm activation software tutorial, we take the Win7 system as an example to activate! The WIN10 system is also the same step.

  1. after downloading, unzip the Storm Win10 activation tool, and then double-click to run the Storm activation tool!
  2. click a key to permanently activate Windows and office. discount windows 10 key, Because the Storm activation tool belongs to the brand-new Win10 activation tool, has not completely passed each big anti-virus software detection, in order to improve the success rate of the majority of users, it is best to shut down the anti-virus software on the computer first!
  3. the program is running to activate WINDOWS 10 or Office 2016! Please be patient to wait a few seconds!
  4. after the system is activated, please restart the computer to see the activation state, check whether it is perfect permanent activation! Right-click on the computer, click Properties, you will see the result.