Do you know what a QR CODE is?

Published on October 05, 2022

Do you know what a QR CODE is? And the potential it holds to fundamentally change the marketing landscape?

I'm sure you know what a barcode is, and how it is used.

Well, a QR Code is a 2d barcode ... but ... on STEROIDS!

A traditional bar code is used mainly on products, to provide identification, but it is really only used in stores, warehouses and similar places equiped with specialized barcode readers.

Well, QR Codes are similar except they hold much more information, and the real magic part is ... they can be read by almost every cell phone! So almost everyone in the world can read a QR Code.

And, once a cell phone has read a QR Code, it can do many things with the information - display the contents of a website, send an SMS message, automatically add the information to the Contacts section of the phone ... plus much more.

... massive opportunity

QR Codes are rapidly changing the way in which marketing is being undertaken.

Once you see them in action for yourself, and think a little bit about the possibilities, you will understand just how massive this opportunity will be ... and you can get in on the ground floor today, and be perceived as an expert in this red-hot emerging technology.

If you don't already know much about this red-hot emerging technology ... watch this short video that aired recently on CBS News.

... Now, here's the facts...

QR Codes are a rapidly emerging technology that is going to fundamentally change the way we use our phones and the internet.

There will be a massive demand for information from businesses as this technology takes hold, and a massive need for assistance in implementing and understanding this technology.

Most small businesses are struggling just to come to terms with the internet and are beginning to wake up to the fact that many traditional advertising methods are no longer effective.

They have massive need for the assistance of marketing experts to help them understand and cope with the technological demands ... marketing experts just like YOU.

Many offline consultants, have the technical ability to provide services to these clients, but struggle when it comes to finding clients, and winning the confidence of clients.

So ... what if you could find a way to make yourself an INSTANT EXPERT in the eyes of potential clients?

What if you could put yourself light-years ahead of other consultants vying for their business?

What if you could demonstrate that your website has the ability to provide cutting-edge services in a red-hot new technology?

What if you could become an INSTANT EXPERT in a technology that 99% of business owners would consider almost science-fiction ...

... Your INSTANT Solution ... and Your QR Codes Ticket to EXPERT Status

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