Google URL shortener substitute

Published on October 30, 2023

I embarked on a quest to find a suitable substitute for the now-defunct Google URL shortener. In this article, I'll share my journey, including user reports on various alternatives suggested by the Reddit community on r/DuckDuckGo, with a special focus on the rising star,

1. - A Promising Contender

One name that has been gaining traction among DuckDuckGo users is This URL shortening service has quickly become a popular substitute for Google's Its user-friendly interface and privacy-conscious approach make it an attractive option. prides itself on simplicity, allowing users to shorten URLs with ease. Additionally, it emphasizes privacy by refraining from collecting unnecessary user data. This aligns perfectly with the values of DuckDuckGo enthusiasts.

2. - Tried and Trusted

While is emerging as a strong contender, another solid option is As suggested by the Reddit user "x-15a2," is known for its privacy features and a browser extension that simplifies the URL shortening process. It also provides detailed link statistics for those interested in tracking the performance of their shortened URLs.

3. DuckDuckGo's Built-In Feature

DuckDuckGo itself offers a convenient built-in feature for shortening and expanding URLs. By adding the keywords "shorten" or "expand" before your link in the DuckDuckGo search bar, you can effortlessly manage your URLs without relying on external services. This built-in feature aligns perfectly with the privacy-oriented ethos of DuckDuckGo.

4. TinyAs - A Comprehensive Solution

I suggested TinyAs Free URL Shortener as a comprehensive solution catering to a wide range of users, from digital marketers to freelancers. It offers complete link management and, importantly, is 100% free and ad-free, ensuring a clean user experience.

5. Bitly - The Familiar Choice

Bitly, a well-established URL shortening service, is also a reliable option. As mentioned by another Redditor, Bitly is known for its simplicity and accessibility. While it may not be as privacy-focused as some alternatives, it remains a trusted choice for those seeking ease of use.

6. TinyURL - Simple and Effective

I suggested TinyURL, highlighting its usefulness and the added feature of a preview link. With TinyURL, you can send a preview of the shortened URL to others, ensuring transparency about where the link will take them.

7. - Fast and Comprehensive

It's recommended for its quick option and multiple link graphs, similar to TinyAs. is a free link management tool that provides detailed link statistics.

In my search for a replacement to the Google URL shortener, I found various options that cater to different requirements. While is becoming a popular replacement for, there are other options available to suit various preferences such as, built-in features, TinyAs, Bitly, TinyURL, and Choosing a URL shortener ultimately depends on your particular requirements and priorities. With these ideas, you can make a smart choice and keep enjoying your DuckDuckGo experience, with leading the path as a leading option to