Cut us - an efficient URL shortener

Published on June 30, 2023

Are you tired of long, cumbersome URLs that are difficult to remember and share? Look no further! Cut us is the ultimate URL shortener that will make your life easier. Whether you need to share a link on social media, in an email, or in a text message, our handy tool will quickly generate a shortened URL that is concise and easy to remember.

With our cutting-edge link shortening service, all you have to do is paste your long URL into our generator and click the "Cut!" button. In just a few seconds, you will receive a shortened URL that is ready to be shared with the world. Say goodbye to broken links and hello to seamless click-throughs with Cut us.

Not only does Cut us make your URLs more user-friendly, it also provides powerful analytics to help you track the effectiveness of your links. With our built-in tracking system, you can see how many clicks your shortened links receive, where those clicks are coming from, and much more. This valuable data allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and improve your online presence.

So why wait? Join thousands of satisfied users and start experiencing the convenience and efficiency of Cut us today. Shorten your URLs, boost your click-through rates, and watch your online presence grow. Cut us - the best URL shortener for all your link shortening needs.

Why Cut us is the best

At Cut us, we pride ourselves on providing the best URL shortening service available. Our professional team has developed a top-notch generator and shortener that offers a multitude of benefits for all your link shortening needs. Here's why Cut us is the best:

1. Fast and Efficient

Our URL shortener generates shortened links instantly, saving you valuable time. With just a few clicks, you can shorten your long URLs into concise, memorable links. Say goodbye to long and cumbersome URLs that are difficult to remember or share.

2. Reliable and Secure

With Cut us, you can trust that your shortened URLs are safe and secure. We take the security and privacy of your data seriously, ensuring that your links are protected against unauthorized access. Rest assured that your valuable information is in safe hands.

3. Customizable and Brandable

Unlike other URL shorteners, Cut us offers customization options to give your shortened links a personal touch. You can choose a custom domain name, create branded URLs, and even add your company logo. Make your links stand out and strengthen your brand image.

4. Powerful Analytics

Get valuable insights about your shortened links with our powerful analytics feature. Track the number of clicks, monitor the geographic location of your audience, and analyze the performance of your links. Use this data to optimize your marketing strategies and measure the success of your campaigns.

5. User-Friendly Interface

Cut us provides a user-friendly interface that makes shortening links a breeze. Our intuitive design ensures that even beginners can navigate the platform with ease. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or an individual looking to share links, our service is designed to cater to all.

In conclusion, Cut us is the best choice for all your URL shortening needs. With our fast and efficient service, reliable security measures, customization options, powerful analytics, and user-friendly interface, we are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for every user. Try Cut us today and experience the difference!

User-friendly interface

At Cut us, we understand the importance of a user-friendly interface when it comes to a URL shortener. That's why we have designed our website to be simple and intuitive, making it easy for anyone to shorten their links quickly and efficiently.

Our URL shortener generator allows you to simply paste your long URL into the designated box and with just one click, our service will instantly shorten it for you. There's no need to go through any complicated steps or fill out lengthy forms – we've made it as easy as possible.

Whether you're a business owner wanting to promote your website or someone who simply needs to shorten a link for personal use, our user-friendly interface ensures that the process is hassle-free. Just visit our website, paste your long URL, and click the "Cut" button – it's that simple.

Easy Link Management

With our user-friendly interface, managing your shortened links is a breeze. Once you've cut a URL, we provide you with a unique, shortened link that you can easily share wherever you want. Plus, we also offer the option to customize your link to make it even more memorable.

Not only can you easily generate and customize links, but you can also track their performance. Our interface includes a comprehensive analytics dashboard that allows you to monitor the number of clicks your links receive, helping you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Responsive Design

Our website has been designed to be responsive, meaning it will adapt seamlessly to any device. Whether you're accessing our service from your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can enjoy the same user-friendly interface and experience.

Key Features Benefits
Simple and intuitive design Easy to use for anyone
One-click URL shortening Saves time and effort
Customizable links Make your links unique and memorable
Comprehensive analytics Track link performance and measure effectiveness
Responsive design Access our service from any device

Free and paid options

As a leading website in the URL shortening industry, Cut us offers both free and paid options for its users. Whether you need a quick and easy link generator for personal use or a professional service to enhance your business, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our free option allows you to shorten URLs with just a few clicks. Simply paste your long URL into our shortener and watch as it generates a compact and shareable link. By using this service, you can save characters and make your links more easily readable.

For users who require advanced features and extra benefits, we offer a paid option. With our paid package, you can enjoy additional perks such as custom link endings, detailed analytics, and the ability to modify or delete your shortened URLs at any time. This option is ideal for businesses or individuals who want to track and manage their link usage more effectively.

Regardless of whether you choose our free or paid option, you can rest assured that Cut us is dedicated to providing a reliable and secure URL shortening service. We prioritize user privacy and ensure that all links generated through our platform are safe and protected.

So why wait? Sign up for free or explore our paid options - Cut us is here to meet all your link shortening needs!

Free Option Paid Option
Shorten URLs with a few clicks Advanced features and benefits
Save characters and make links more readable Custom link endings
Detailed analytics
Modify or delete shortened URLs
Perfect for businesses and individuals

Customizable short URLs

With Cut us, you can create custom short URLs that are tailored to your specific needs. Our easy-to-use URL generator allows you to create unique and memorable URLs for your website. By using our service, you can create short links that are branded with your company name or any other desired text.

When you use our URL shortener service, you have full control over the appearance of your short links. You can choose a custom domain or subdomain, making your short URLs reflect your brand identity. This helps to improve the credibility and trustworthiness of your links, as users are more likely to click on a link that appears reputable and reliable.

Not only can you customize the domain of your short URLs, but you can also personalize the path. This means that you can create short links that include keywords or relevant phrases, making them more informative and SEO-friendly. By including relevant keywords in your short URLs, you can improve your website's search engine ranking and increase traffic to your site.

Our customizable short URLs are designed to enhance user experience and increase engagement. By creating unique and memorable links, you can attract more clicks and drive traffic to your website. With Cut us, you can create short links that are not only functional but also visually appealing, making them more likely to be clicked by users.

Benefits of customizable short URLs:

  • Improved brand recognition and credibility
  • Higher click-through rates and increased website traffic
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improved SEO and search engine rankings
  • Increased social sharing and engagement

How to create a customizable short URL:

Creating a custom short URL with Cut us is quick and easy. Simply sign up for our service, enter the desired URL, and customize it to your preferences. You can choose a custom domain or subdomain, as well as personalize the path. Once you have customized your short URL, you can start using it in your marketing campaigns, social media posts, and other online content.

Experience the benefits of customizable short URLs with Cut us. Sign up for our service today and take your link shortening game to the next level!

Analytics and tracking

When you use as your URL shortener service, you not only get a reliable link generator that makes your links shorter and more manageable, but you also gain access to robust analytics and tracking features. This allows you to monitor the performance of your shortened links and gather valuable insights about the audience and their interactions with your content.

By analyzing the click data, you can determine which links are the most popular and effective in driving traffic to your website. You can view the number of clicks each link received, as well as the date and time of each click. This information can help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies and optimize your campaigns for better results.

In addition to click data, provides detailed analytics that give you a deeper understanding of your audience. You can see the geographical locations of the users who clicked on your links, allowing you to target specific regions or demographics more effectively. Furthermore, you can track the devices and browsers used by your audience, which helps you optimize your website for better user experience.

To make tracking even easier, offers integration with popular analytics platforms such as Google Analytics. This allows you to consolidate your data and gain comprehensive insights into your overall digital marketing efforts. With the combination of and a powerful analytics tool, you can measure the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve your results.

With the analytics and tracking capabilities of, you gain valuable insights into the performance of your shortened links. Make the most out of your URL shortening strategy and optimize your marketing efforts with our reliable and feature-rich service.

Fast and reliable service

At Cut us, we pride ourselves on providing a fast and reliable URL shortening service that meets all your link shortening needs. Whether you're looking to shorten a long and complex URL or create a memorable and shareable link, our website is here to help you.

Efficient URL Shortening

When it comes to shortening URLs, speed is essential. With our service, you can quickly generate shortened links with just a few clicks. Our dedicated team has optimized our URL shortener to ensure fast processing times, allowing you to generate your shortened link in an instant.

Not only is our service fast, but it's also reliable. We understand the importance of having a link shortener that can be counted on to deliver your links whenever and wherever they're needed. That's why we have implemented robust infrastructure and use the latest technologies to ensure the stability and reliability of our service.

User-Friendly Interface

Our goal is to provide a user-friendly experience for our users. We have designed our website with simplicity in mind, making it easy for anyone to use our URL shortener. Whether you're an experienced marketer or a casual user, our intuitive interface ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Our URL shortener is also equipped with advanced features that allow you to customize your links. You can add tracking parameters, set expiration dates, and even choose a custom alias for your shortened URL. These features provide added flexibility and control, making our service suitable for various use cases.

So why wait? Try our fast and reliable URL shortener today and experience the convenience and efficiency it brings to your link sharing needs. Join thousands of satisfied users who have trusted us for their URL shortening needs.

Choose Cut us for fast and reliable service, and take the hassle out of link sharing!

Advanced security features

When it comes to keeping your links safe and secure, Cut us has got you covered. Our advanced security features ensure that your shortened URLs are protected from any potential threats.

Secure link generator

Our secure link generator uses industry-leading encryption techniques to create unique and unguessable URLs. This means that no one can access your links without the correct URL. This added layer of security helps to protect your website from unauthorized access and potential malicious activities.

Protected click tracking

With Cut us, you can track the number of clicks your links receive without compromising the security of the destination website. Our click tracking system is designed to protect the privacy and security of both the link creator and the clicker. We ensure that no personally identifiable information is collected or shared during the process.

Additionally, our click tracking system blocks any suspicious or potentially harmful clicks, keeping your links safe from bots, spam, and other fraudulent activities. This helps to maintain the integrity of your shortened URLs and ensures that the traffic you receive is genuine.

Rest assured that when you cut a link with Cut us, you are getting the best URL shortener service with advanced security features. Trust us to protect your links and provide you with accurate click tracking data, all while maintaining the security and privacy of both you and your website visitors.

API integration

Cut us offers a flexible and convenient API integration for developers who want to incorporate our URL shortening service into their website or application. With our API, you can seamlessly generate shortened URLs, track link clicks, and manage your shortened links all within your own platform.

To get started with API integration, simply sign up for an API key on our website. Once you have your API key, you can make requests to our API endpoints to shorten URLs on the fly. Our API supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, ensuring secure communication between your service and Cut us.

Whether you're building a custom link shortener, a social media management tool, or an analytics platform, our API provides the necessary functionality to streamline your workflow. By integrating Cut us's URL shortener into your website or app, you can enhance user experience and simplify the process of link management.

With the API integration, you can easily create shortened URLs for any web address. Simply make a request to our API and receive a shortened URL in response. This allows you to generate short URLs programmatically without manual input or going through our website's interface.

In addition to URL generation, our API also enables you to track link clicks. You can retrieve click statistics for each shortened URL, including the number of clicks, the user agent data, and the IP addresses of the visitors. This information can be valuable for monitoring the performance of your links and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

The API integration with Cut us offers a seamless experience for developers who want to leverage our powerful URL shortening service. Whether you're building a website or an application, our API provides the necessary tools to integrate our URL shortener and take advantage of its features in your own service.

Bulk link shortening

If you have a large number of URLs that need to be shortened for your website, Cut us is the perfect service for you. With our bulk link shortener, you can quickly and easily generate shortened URLs for all your links with just a few clicks. This will save you time and effort compared to manually shortening each URL one by one.

Our bulk link shortening tool allows you to input a list of URLs and generates shortened versions for each link. This is especially helpful if you have a website with many pages or if you are running a marketing campaign with multiple landing pages. Instead of manually creating shortened URLs for each individual link, you can simply paste the entire list into our tool and generate the shortened versions in seconds.

Furthermore, our bulk link shortening service provides you with a link generator that can even automatically generate shortened URLs for all the pages on your website. This means you don't have to manually input every single page URL - our service will do it for you. With just a few clicks, you can generate shortened URLs for your entire website.

Using our bulk link shortener is easy. Simply copy and paste the list of URLs that you want to shorten into our tool, click the "Shorten" button, and our service will generate the shortened URLs for you. You can then use these shortened URLs for various purposes, such as social media posts, email marketing campaigns, or any other promotional activities.

With Cut us, you can trust that your URLs are being shortened by a reliable and fast service. Our link shortener uses advanced algorithms to ensure the generated URLs are unique and easy to remember. So, whether you need to shorten a few links or a large number of URLs, our bulk link shortening service is here to help.

Cross-platform compatibility

When it comes to using a website link shortening service like Cut us, it is important to ensure that it is compatible with various platforms and devices. Cross-platform compatibility allows users to shorten their URLs conveniently, regardless of what device or operating system they are using.

Whether you are using a PC, a Mac, a smartphone, or a tablet, Cut us is designed to work seamlessly on all platforms. This means that you can easily access the URL shortener service regardless of the device you are using.

Compatible with all major web browsers

Whether you prefer using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or any other popular web browser, Cut us is compatible with all major web browsers, ensuring a smooth user experience regardless of your browser preference.

Mobile-friendly design

In this era of smartphones and tablets, it is crucial for a URL shortening service to have a mobile-friendly design. Cut us has been optimized for mobile devices, allowing users to shorten links on the go and easily share them across various platforms.

Regardless of whether you are using an Android device or an iOS device, you can access Cut us and generate shortened URLs without any compatibility issues.

Seamlessly share shortened URLs across platforms

With Cut us, you can generate shortened URLs that can be easily shared across various platforms, including social media platforms, email, messaging apps, and more. This ensures that your shortened links can be accessed by anyone, regardless of the platform they are using.

In conclusion, Cut us is a versatile URL shortener that offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing users to conveniently shorten their links on any device and seamlessly share them across various platforms.

Social media sharing

With our shortener, sharing links on social media platforms has never been easier. Whether you want to share a blog post, a news article, or a product page from your website, Cut us provides you with a simple and efficient solution.

How it works

When you have a long and complicated URL, it can be difficult to share it on social media platforms due to character limitations. However, with our URL shortener, you can easily cut down your long link into a short and concise one. Simply paste your link into our generator and let our service do the rest!

Why use our service

  • Increased Click Rates: Shortened links are more visually appealing and take up less space, which entices users to click on them.
  • Clean and Professional Look: Having a shortened link gives your social media posts a clean and professional appearance.
  • Easier to Share: Shortened links are easier to copy and paste, especially on mobile devices.
  • Trackable: Our shortener service provides you with analytics and insights into how many clicks your links receive, helping you measure your social media success.

The next time you want to share a link on social media, don't let the character limitations hold you back. Use Cut us - the best URL shortener for all your link shortening needs!

Browser extensions

In addition to our online URL shortening service, Cut us also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. These extensions make it even easier to shorten and share links directly from your browser.

With the Cut us browser extension installed, you can quickly shorten any URL with just a single click. Simply click the Cut us icon in your browser toolbar, enter the URL you want to shorten, and hit the "Shorten" button. In an instant, you'll have a shortened URL ready to be shared.

Features of our browser extensions:

  • Convenience: With the browser extension, you can shorten URLs without even having to visit our website. Saving you time and effort.
  • Integration: The extension seamlessly integrates with your browser, making it easy to access and use whenever you need to shorten a URL.
  • Customization: You can customize the extension settings to suit your preferences. Choose your preferred URL format, tracking options, and more.

Whether you're a frequent user of our URL shortener or just getting started, our browser extensions are designed to enhance your experience and streamline the process of generating shortened URLs.

Install the Cut us browser extension today and start shortening URLs with ease!

Private and secure

At Cut us, we understand the importance of privacy when it comes to using a link shortener and URL generator service. As a trusted and reliable website, we prioritize the security of your links.

When you use Cut us, you can be assured that your links are in safe hands. We implement industry-leading security measures to protect your data and maintain the confidentiality of your shortened URLs.

Our advanced encryption methods ensure that your links are private and cannot be accessed by anyone without your authorization. Rest assured that your data is secure and will not be shared with any third parties.

Whether you are sharing links for personal or professional use, Cut us allows you to have complete control over your shortened URLs. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily manage and customize your links to suit your specific needs.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your links are private and secure when you choose Cut us as your go-to URL shortener and generator service. Try us today and experience the difference!

User support and assistance

At Cut us, we prioritize user satisfaction and ensure that our customers receive the best support and assistance for all their URL shortening needs. We understand that using a link generator service may sometimes come with its own set of challenges. Therefore, we have put together a dedicated support team that is always ready to assist you.

If you have any questions or face any issues while using our service, our support team is just a click away. You can reach out to us through our website and expect a prompt response. We are committed to resolving your queries and providing you with the necessary assistance to make your experience with our URL shortener service seamless.

Our support team is well-trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of our link shortening service. Whether you need guidance on how to use the URL generator or have questions about specific features, we are here to help. Rest assured that any issues you encounter will be handled professionally and effectively.

In addition to our support team, we also have comprehensive documentation and FAQs available on our website. These resources provide detailed information about our service, including step-by-step instructions on how to use the link generator and troubleshoot common issues. We encourage you to explore these resources before reaching out to our support team, as they may already contain the answers you are looking for.

At Cut us, we believe that excellent user support is essential for delivering a reliable and efficient URL shortening service. We value your feedback and continuously work to improve our support system based on user suggestions and needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to providing you with the best user experience possible.

Choose Cut us for all your link shortening needs, and enjoy a hassle-free user experience backed by our dedicated support team!

International support

At Cut us, we understand that our users come from all over the world, and we strive to provide the best service to everyone, regardless of their location. That's why our URL shortener and generator is designed to support international users seamlessly.

Whether you're from the United States, Europe, Asia, or anywhere else, you can count on Cut us to meet your link shortening needs. With just a few clicks, you can shorten any URL and get a custom link that's easy to remember and share with others.

Efficiency and speed

Our international support is not just limited to our website and click tracking service. We also make sure that our servers are strategically located in different parts of the world to ensure the fastest response times for our users.

By having multiple server locations, we can route your links through the closest server, minimizing latency and allowing you to enjoy a smooth and efficient experience every time you use Cut us. No matter where you are, your URLs will be shortened and generated quickly, without any delays.

Localization and language support

Another aspect of our international support is our commitment to localization and language support. We understand that language barriers can be a challenge for some users, so we offer our platform in multiple languages.

Whether you prefer English, Spanish, French, German, or any other language, you can easily switch the language settings on our website. This ensures that you can navigate and use Cut us comfortably, without any language barriers hindering your experience.

Join Cut us now and experience the best URL shortening and link generation service that caters to users from all around the world!

SEO-friendly links

Having a website is not enough to attract visitors. You need to make sure that your website is visible to search engines, like Google. One way to improve your website's visibility is by using SEO-friendly links.

What are SEO-friendly links?

SEO-friendly links are URL links that are optimized for search engines. These links contain relevant keywords that describe the content of the webpage they are pointing to. They are easy to read and understand for both search engines and human users.

At Cut us, we understand the importance of SEO-friendly links. That's why our link shortener tool generates URLs that are optimized for search engines. When you cut down your long URLs with our tool, the generated shortened URLs will contain relevant keywords that describe the content of your webpage.

Benefits of using SEO-friendly links

Using SEO-friendly links can bring several benefits:

  • Improved visibility: SEO-friendly links make it easier for search engines to understand what your webpage is about, which can improve your website's visibility in search results.
  • Better click-through rates: When users see a URL that contains relevant keywords, they are more likely to click on it, as it gives them an idea of what to expect from the webpage.
  • Higher rankings: By using SEO-friendly links, you can potentially improve your website's rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to more organic traffic.

By using Cut us as your go-to URL shortener, you can ensure that the shortened links you share are SEO-friendly and optimized for search engines. Start using Cut us today and improve your website's visibility and click-through rates!

Branding and marketing

In today's digital world, where every click counts, having a strong visual identity is crucial. With Cut Us, the best URL shortener and link generator service available, you can enhance your branding and marketing efforts in a simple yet effective way.

Make your links stand out

Long URLs can be daunting and unappealing to users. By using Cut Us's shortening service, you can create custom URLs that are memorable and attention-grabbing. Instead of sharing long and complicated links, you can cut them with us and share concise and engaging URLs that showcase your brand name or a relevant keyword.

Boost your click-through rates

A strong brand presence and recognizable URLs can significantly improve your click-through rates. When users see your brand or a relevant keyword in the shortened link, they are more likely to click on it, leading to increased traffic and conversions. Cut Us allows you to customize your URLs and create a consistent brand experience for your audience.

Stand out from the competition

In a saturated online market, it's essential to differentiate yourself from the competition. Cut Us provides you with the tools to create unique and branded short URLs that set you apart from others. By customizing your links, you can reinforce your brand identity and build trust with your audience.

Take your branding and marketing to the next level with Cut Us – the ultimate URL shortener and link generator service.

Affiliate program

At, we offer an exciting opportunity for individuals or companies to earn money through our affiliate program. By becoming an affiliate, you can earn a commission by referring customers to our URL shortening service.

How does it work?

When you join our affiliate program, we will provide you with a unique referral link that you can share on your website, social media accounts, or any other platform. Whenever someone clicks on your referral link and signs up for our service, you will earn a commission.

We have a comprehensive tracking system in place to ensure that you receive credit for every customer you refer. This means that even if someone clicks on your link and signs up later, you will still receive your commission.

Why join our affiliate program?

There are several reasons why you should consider joining our affiliate program:

1. Generous commissions:

We offer competitive commission rates that allow you to earn a substantial income.

2. Easy setup:

Our affiliate program is easy to join and set up. You can start earning money in no time.

3. Reliable tracking:

Our advanced tracking system ensures that you receive accurate credit for every referral.

4. Dedicated support:

We have a dedicated support team available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Join our affiliate program today and start earning money by promoting our reliable and user-friendly URL shortener service!

Link expiration

With, our URL shortening service, you can not only generate shortened links for your website or online content with just a few clicks, but also take advantage of our link expiration feature.

Link expiration allows you to set an expiry date and time for your shortened links, after which they will no longer be active or accessible. This can be particularly useful in situations where you want to share time-sensitive information or promotions with your audience, ensuring that the link is no longer usable once it's past its relevance.

How does it work?

When creating a shortened link using, you have the option to specify an expiration time. You can choose a specific date and time, or set a predefined duration from the moment the link is generated. You can also provide a custom message that will be displayed to users when they attempt to access an expired link.

Benefits of link expiration

Link expiration offers several benefits for all your URL shortening needs:

  • Improved security: By setting an expiration time, you can ensure that sensitive information or limited-time offers are only accessible within a defined timeframe.
  • Reduces broken links: Link expiration helps to prevent broken links from being shared or accessed long after they are no longer relevant. This improves the overall user experience and maintains the integrity of your website or online content.
  • Enhanced campaign management: By using link expiration, you can effectively manage and track the performance of time-sensitive campaigns. This allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Overall, the link expiration feature provided by gives you greater control over your shortened links' lifespan, ensuring that they are utilized within their intended timeframe, enhancing security, reducing broken links, and improving campaign management.

QR code generation

Cut Us offers a reliable and efficient QR code generation feature to enhance your link sharing experience. With just a few clicks, you can create a unique QR code for any URL shortened using our website's link shortener. Whether you're sharing a link on social media, sending it via email, or printing it on a poster, our QR code generator makes it easy for others to access your content.

The QR code generation process is simple and straightforward. After shortening your desired link using our efficient URL shortener, you can navigate to the QR code generator tab on our website. Enter the shortened link into the generator, and within seconds, a customized QR code will be generated for you.

The generated QR codes can be downloaded in various formats, allowing you to use them in different contexts. You can save them as image files and include them in your digital or print materials. Additionally, you can copy the code's URL and embed it directly into your website or other digital platforms.

QR codes offer a range of benefits for both individuals and businesses. They provide a convenient way to share links without the need for long, complex URLs. Furthermore, they can be easily scanned by smartphones and other devices, allowing instant access to the associated content.

Benefits of QR code generation:
1. Simplifies link sharing.
2. Enhances user experience.
3. Increases engagement and interaction.
4. Enables offline-to-online marketing campaigns.

Make the most of our advanced QR code generator and streamline your link sharing activities. Try Cut Us today and experience the convenience and efficiency of our all-in-one link shortener and QR code generator.

Integration with other tools

As a top-notch URL shortener, Cut Us understands the importance of seamless integration with other tools and services. We provide various options for integrating our shortener into your workflow, making it easy to generate and manage short URLs.

API Integration

Our API allows you to integrate our shortener into your own applications or services. With a few simple API calls, you can generate short URLs, retrieve click statistics, and manage your links efficiently. Whether you're building a social media management tool, a campaign tracking system, or any other web-based application, our API makes it easy to integrate our service into your workflow.

Browser Extensions

For quick and convenient link shortening, we offer browser extensions for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. These extensions add a button to your browser's toolbar, allowing you to cut URLs with a single click. They also provide additional features like custom URL aliases, password protection, and expiration dates.

With our browser extensions, you can cut URLs on the go and save them directly to your Cut Us account. It's a convenient way to streamline your workflow and ensure that all your shortened URLs are stored in one place.

Integrating Cut Us into your existing tools and services is a breeze. Whether you prefer using our API or browser extensions, you can effortlessly incorporate our URL shortener into your workflow and enjoy the benefits of our fast, reliable, and user-friendly service. Try Cut Us today and experience the power of the best URL shortener!

Shortening multiple links at once

At, we understand that time is important, especially when it comes to managing multiple links. That's why our service offers a convenient feature that allows you to shorten multiple links at once.

With our link shortening website, you can simply input a list of URLs into our bulk link generator and let do the work for you. Our cutting-edge technology will quickly process each link and provide you with shortened URLs in a matter of seconds.

Whether you need to share multiple links on your website, social media platforms, or any other online channel, our URL shortener is here to help. You no longer have to waste time shortening each link individually - with, the process is fast and efficient.

How to use the bulk link generator

Using the bulk link generator is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Copy and paste your list of URLs into the provided field.
  2. Click on the "Generate" button.
  3. Watch as quickly shortens each link.
  4. Copy the shortened URLs and use them wherever you need.

With our user-friendly interface, you can easily manage and organize your shortened links. All the links generated through the bulk link generator are conveniently saved in your account, making it easy to access and track them whenever you need.

Why choose

As a trusted URL shortening service, provides the highest level of reliability and security. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that each shortened link is stable and loads quickly, guaranteeing a seamless experience for you and your audience.

In addition, offers advanced analytics to help you gain insights into your link performance. With real-time statistics, you can track click-through rates, audience demographics, and other valuable information to optimize your online presence.

Don't waste time manually shortening multiple links. Choose as your go-to URL shortener and enjoy the convenience of shortening multiple links at once!

Link management and organization

With Cut us, our link shortener service, you can easily organize and manage all your links in one place. Whether you need to shorten a link for a social media post, email campaign, or any other purpose, our URL generator has got you covered.

By using Cut us, you can cut down long, complex URLs into short and memorable ones. This makes it easier for people to click on your links and visit your website. Our link shortener service allows you to create customized links that reflect your brand or keywords related to the content you are sharing.

Simplify link sharing

With our link shortener, you can simplify your link sharing process. Instead of sharing long, messy URLs, you can provide your audience with clean and concise links that are easy to remember and type. This not only saves space in your messages but also ensures that your links are more clickable and user-friendly.

Track link performance

One of the key advantages of using Cut us is the ability to track the performance of your shortened links. Our service provides detailed analytics that allow you to monitor the number of clicks, the geographical location of the users, and the devices they are using. This valuable information can help you optimize your link sharing strategies and improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

In conclusion, Cut us is the perfect link management and organization tool for all your link shortening needs. With our easy-to-use service, you can not only create short and customized links but also simplify your link sharing process and track the performance of your links. Sign up with Cut us today and experience the benefits of our reliable and user-friendly link shortener service.

Custom domain options

One of the key features that sets Cut us apart from other URL shortener services is our custom domain options. With our service, you have the flexibility to use your own domain name for shortening your links, giving your website a more professional and branded appearance.

Our custom domain generator allows you to easily set up and manage your own custom short domain. This means that instead of using our standard domain, such as "", you can create a custom domain that better represents your brand or website. For example, you could use "" or "".

By using a custom domain, you can create shortened links that are more memorable and recognizable to your audience. It also adds credibility and trust to your links, as users are more likely to click on a link that appears to be from a trusted source.

Setting up a custom domain with Cut us is simple. Once you have registered your domain and acquired the necessary DNS settings, you can easily link it to our shortener service. Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage all of your custom domains and track the performance of your shortened links.

Benefits of using custom domain options
1. Branding: Create links that showcase your brand and website.
2. Memorability: Make your links easier to remember and share.
3. Trust: Build trust and increase click-through rates.
4. Professionalism: Give your website a more professional appearance.

With our custom domain options, Cut us provides you with the tools to optimize your link shortening strategy and enhance your online presence. Start using Cut us today and take advantage of our powerful features and customizable domain options.

Reliable link redirection

When it comes to cutting and shortening URLs, it is crucial to have a reliable link redirection service. At Cut Us, we understand the importance of ensuring that every click on your shortened link takes users to the intended website.

Our URL shortener service is designed to provide you with a seamless and trustworthy link redirection experience. With our advanced link generator, you can create shortened URLs that are not only concise but also dependable. We prioritize the accuracy and precision of the URLs generated by our service.

Whether you are using our link shortener for personal or professional purposes, you can rest assured that your links will always lead users to the correct website. Our reliable link redirection is achieved through our state-of-the-art infrastructure and meticulous attention to detail.

Furthermore, we understand that reliability is not just about ensuring the destination of the link is accurate. It also encompasses the speed and efficiency of the redirection process. At Cut Us, we have optimized our link redirection service to be fast and efficient, minimizing any potential delays or interruptions for the user.

With our reliable link redirection service, you can confidently share your shortened URLs across various platforms, knowing that they will consistently direct users to the intended website. Whether you are promoting a product, sharing an article, or simply making your links more manageable, our URL shortener is here to provide a trusted solution.

Experience the reliability of Cut Us link redirection today and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of our unparalleled service.

The future of URL shortening

URL shortening services have become an essential tool for modern internet users. With the growing need to share links quickly and efficiently, organizations like Cut us have risen to meet this demand. As we look towards the future, it is clear that URL shorteners will continue to play a crucial role in simplifying our online experience.

One of the main advantages of a URL shortener like Cut us is the ability to generate concise and memorable links. Long and complex URLs can be difficult to share and remember, but with our service, users can create short, catchy links that are easier to share across various platforms such as social media, email, and instant messaging.

Furthermore, our URL shortener provides valuable analytics and tracking features. Users can access detailed information about the number of clicks, demographics, and geographic distribution of their shortened links. This data can be used to optimize marketing campaigns, track the success of promotional efforts, and gain insights into user behavior.

As the internet continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses and individuals to maintain a strong online presence. By utilizing a URL shortening service like Cut us, website owners can create a more professional image by using customized short links that align with their brand. This adds a level of trust and credibility to their online presence, making it more likely for users to click on their links.

In addition, the future of URL shortening lies in its integration with other digital marketing tools. As technology advances, we can expect to see more seamless integration between URL shorteners and social media management platforms, email marketing software, and content management systems. This integration will streamline the process of link sharing and allow users to track the success of their online campaigns more effectively.

In conclusion

The future of URL shortening is bright and filled with opportunities for innovation and improvement. As more businesses and individuals recognize the value of using a URL shortener like Cut us, we can expect to see new features and functionalities that further enhance the user experience. Whether it's for personal use or professional purposes, a reliable and efficient URL shortening service will continue to be an integral part of our online activities.


What is Cut us?

Cut us is a URL shortener that allows users to shorten long URLs for easier sharing and tracking.

How does Cut us work?

Cut us works by taking a long URL and creating a shorter, more manageable URL that redirects to the original destination.

Why should I use Cut us instead of other URL shorteners?

Cut us offers a range of features that set it apart from other URL shorteners, including custom URLs, password protection, and link analytics.

Can I track the performance of my shortened links with Cut us?

Yes, Cut us provides link analytics that allow you to track the number of clicks, geographic location of users, and referral sources for your shortened links.

Is Cut us free to use?

Yes, Cut us offers a free plan that allows users to shorten up to 500 links per month. There are also premium plans available for users with higher volume needs.

What is Cut us?

Cut us is a URL shortener tool that allows users to shorten long URLs into concise and manageable links.

How does Cut us work?

Cut us generates a unique, shortened URL for your long link, which redirects users to the original URL when clicked. This saves space and makes sharing links easier.