Bitly is experiencing technical difficulties, causing widespread frustration and disruption for users

Published on September 09, 2023

Bitly is a popular URL shortening service that allows users to shorten long URL links into shorter and more manageable ones. However, you may have encountered a situation where Bitly is down and you are unable to access the platform or use its services. In this troubleshooting guide, we will explore the possible reasons why Bitly is down and provide alternatives you can use in the meantime.

When Bitly is down, it can be frustrating, especially if you rely on the service for your marketing campaigns or social media sharing. The first step in troubleshooting is to check if the issue is on your end or with Bitly itself. Try accessing other websites or services to ensure that your internet connection is stable and functional.

If the problem persists and you are certain that Bitly is down, there are several possible reasons for the outage. It could be due to server maintenance or technical issues on Bitly's end. In such cases, it is best to wait for Bitly to resolve the problem. They often provide updates on their social media channels or official website to keep users informed about any ongoing issues.

What is Bitly?

Bitly is a popular URL shortening service that allows users to create shortened URLs for sharing on social media, email, or any other platform. With Bitly, users can take long, cumbersome URLs and shrink them down into shorter, more manageable links.

Not only does Bitly provide a convenient way to share URLs, but it also offers additional features such as link tracking and analytics. With link tracking, users can see how many people have clicked on their shortened links, as well as where those clicks are coming from. This information can be valuable for businesses and marketers looking to measure the effectiveness of their online campaigns.

In addition to link tracking, Bitly also offers the ability to customize short URLs, allowing users to create branded and memorable links. This can be especially useful for companies or individuals looking to establish a consistent and recognizable online presence.

Key features of Bitly:

  • URL shortening:
  • Link tracking and analytics:
  • Customizable short URLs:

Overall, Bitly is a versatile tool that provides an easy way to shorten and manage URLs, while also offering valuable insights into link performance. Whether you're an individual looking to share content or a business looking to track marketing efforts, Bitly can help streamline the process and provide useful data.

Alternative tools:

If Bitly is experiencing downtime or if you're looking for alternative options, there are several other URL shortening services available, including:

  1. TinyURL
  3. Google URL Shortener

These services offer similar functionality to Bitly and can serve as viable alternatives in case of any issues or if you simply prefer a different platform.

Remember to choose a URL shortening service that best fits your needs and requirements.

Reasons for Bitly being down

There can be several reasons why Bitly may experience periods of downtime. These can include:

Server Issues

Bitly's servers may experience technical problems or undergo maintenance, which can lead to temporary outages. These issues can range from hardware malfunctions to software updates that require the service to be temporarily taken offline.

Network Connectivity Problems

Bitly relies on a robust network infrastructure to ensure that its service is available at all times. However, disruptions in network connectivity, such as Internet service provider issues or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, can result in the service being unreachable.

Software Bugs or Glitches

Like any complex software application, Bitly may occasionally encounter bugs or glitches that can cause the service to crash or become unavailable. These issues are usually resolved through software updates or patches.

Increased Traffic Load

If there is a sudden surge in usage or a large number of requests to the Bitly servers, it may put a strain on the infrastructure, leading to slowdowns or outages. This can occur during events or viral campaigns that generate high levels of traffic.

External Factors

Bitly's availability may also be affected by external factors beyond its control. This can include issues with third-party services or integrations, internet infrastructure problems, or natural disasters that disrupt data centers or network connections.

It is important for Bitly to address these issues promptly and transparently to minimize any inconvenience to its users and to maintain the integrity of its service.

Issue Possible Causes Solution
Server Issues Hardware malfunction, software updates Perform maintenance, fix hardware or software problems
Network Connectivity Problems Internet service provider issues, DDoS attacks Resolve network issues, strengthen security measures
Software Bugs or Glitches Bugs, glitches in the software Release software updates, patch bugs
Increased Traffic Load Sudden surge in usage, high traffic volumes Upgrade server infrastructure, optimize performance
External Factors Third-party service issues, infrastructure problems, natural disasters Work with third-party services, improve infrastructure resiliency

Troubleshooting steps for Bitly

If you are experiencing issues with Bitly, such as the service being down or unavailable, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

1. Check the Bitly status page: Visit the Bitly status page to see if there are any reported issues or maintenance updates. This page will provide information on the current status of the service and any ongoing problems.

2. Verify your internet connection: Ensure that your internet connection is stable and working properly. A weak or unreliable connection may cause issues in accessing Bitly or other online services.

3. Clear your browser cache: Clearing your browser cache can help resolve any caching issues that may be affecting Bitly. Follow the instructions for your specific browser to clear the cache, and then try accessing Bitly again.

4. Disable browser extensions: Some browser extensions or add-ons may interfere with the functionality of Bitly. Disable any extensions that you have installed and then try accessing the service again.

5. Try a different browser: If you are still unable to access Bitly, try using a different browser to see if the issue is specific to your current browser. This can help determine if there are any compatibility issues between Bitly and your browser.

6. Contact Bitly support: If none of the above troubleshooting steps resolve the issue, reach out to Bitly support for further assistance. Provide them with details about the problem you are experiencing, including any error messages you may have encountered.

Following these troubleshooting steps should help you identify and resolve any issues you may be experiencing with Bitly. Remember to always keep your browser and operating system up to date to ensure optimal performance.

Check your internet connection

If you are experiencing issues with Bitly, the first thing you should do is check your internet connection. A stable and reliable internet connection is crucial for accessing any websites or online services, including Bitly. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your internet connection:

1. Restart your modem and router

The first step in troubleshooting your internet connection is to restart your modem and router. This can help resolve any temporary issues or glitches that might be affecting your connection. Simply power off your modem and router, wait for a few seconds, and then power them back on.

2. Check your network cables

Make sure that all network cables are securely connected to your modem and router. Sometimes, a loose or disconnected cable can cause connectivity issues. Ensure that the cables are not damaged, and if necessary, try replacing them.

3. Disable VPN or proxy

If you are using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a proxy server, try disabling them temporarily. VPNs and proxies can sometimes interfere with your internet connection and cause connectivity problems. Turning them off might help in resolving the issue.

4. Test your internet speed

Use a reliable internet speed testing tool to check the speed and stability of your connection. If you notice a significant drop in speed or if your connection is unstable, there might be an issue with your internet service provider. Contact your ISP for further assistance.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your internet connection is functioning properly and eliminate any potential issues that might be causing problems when accessing Bitly. If the problem persists, it is advisable to reach out to Bitly's support team for further assistance.

Clear your browser cache

If Bitly is down or experiencing issues, clearing your browser cache can often resolve the problem. The cache is a temporary storage location on your browser where it saves data from websites you visit. Clearing the cache can help eliminate any corrupted or outdated data that might be causing issues with Bitly.

How to clear your browser cache

The process of clearing the cache varies depending on the browser you are using. Here are instructions for clearing the cache on some popular browsers:

  • Google Chrome: To clear the cache in Chrome, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on Windows or Command + Shift + Delete on Mac to open the Clear browsing data menu. From there, you can select the time range and the type of data you want to delete, including the cache. Then, click on the "Clear data" button to clear the cache.
  • Mozilla Firefox: In Firefox, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on Windows or Command + Shift + Delete on Mac to open the Clear All History menu. From there, you can select the time range and the types of data you want to clear, including the cache. Finally, click on the "Clear Now" button to clear the cache.
  • Microsoft Edge: To clear the cache in Microsoft Edge, you can press Ctrl + Shift + Delete on Windows or Command + Shift + Delete on Mac to open the Clear browsing data menu. Then, check the box next to "Cached images and files" and click on the "Clear" button to clear the cache.
  • Safari: In Safari, you can go to the "Safari" menu and select "Preferences." In the Preferences window, go to the "Privacy" tab and click on the "Manage Website Data" button. From there, you can search for Bitly in the search bar and click on the "Remove" button to clear the cache for Bitly.

After clearing your browser cache, try accessing Bitly again to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, there may be other factors affecting the service and you can consider trying alternative URL shortening services.

Disable browser extensions

If Bitly is down or is experiencing issues, one potential solution is to disable any browser extensions that may be interfering with its functionality. Browser extensions can sometimes conflict with certain websites or cause them to malfunction.

How to disable browser extensions:

  1. Open your browser's settings or preferences.
  2. Navigate to the extensions or add-ons section.
  3. Find the extension you want to disable and toggle the switch or select the disable option.
  4. Restart your browser to apply the changes.

By disabling browser extensions, you can determine if any of them are causing issues with Bitly. If the problem persists even after disabling the extensions, you may need to explore other troubleshooting options or consider using alternative URL shortening services.

Why disable browser extensions?

Some browser extensions, although useful, can interfere with a website's normal functionality. They may block certain scripts, alter page elements, or modify how the website behaves. Disabling extensions can help identify if any of them are causing problems with Bitly, allowing you to use it without any disruptions.

Update your browser

If Bitly is not working properly, it could be because you are using an outdated browser version. Updating your browser to the latest version can help resolve compatibility issues and improve performance. Here are the steps to update the most popular browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Click on the three dots in the top right corner, go to "Help," and then click "About Google Chrome." Chrome will automatically check for updates and install them if available.
  • Mozilla Firefox: Click on the three horizontal lines in the top right corner, go to "Help," and then click "About Firefox." Firefox will check for updates and prompt you to install them if available.
  • Apple Safari: Click on "Safari" in the top left corner, and then click "About Safari." Safari will automatically check for updates and prompt you to install them if available.
  • Microsoft Edge: Click on the three dots in the top right corner, go to "Settings," and then click "About Microsoft Edge." Edge will automatically check for updates and install them if available.

By keeping your browser up to date, you can ensure a better browsing experience and avoid any compatibility issues with websites, including Bitly.

Try accessing Bitly from a different device

If you are experiencing issues accessing Bitly, one troubleshooting step you can try is accessing the platform from a different device. This can help determine if the problem is specific to your current device or if it's a widespread issue affecting all devices.

First, ensure that the device you are trying to access Bitly from has a stable internet connection. Check if you are able to access other websites or online services without any problems. If you are unable to connect to any websites, there may be a network issue that needs to be addressed.

Once you have confirmed that your device has a stable internet connection, try accessing Bitly through a different device. This could be a different computer, smartphone, or tablet. By doing so, you can determine if the issue is with your device or if it's a problem with your Bitly account or the platform itself.

Steps to access Bitly from a different device:

  1. Open a web browser on the different device.
  2. Go to the Bitly website (
  3. Attempt to log in to your Bitly account or test the functionality you were experiencing issues with.
  4. If you are able to access and use Bitly without any problems on the different device, it may indicate that the issue is with your original device. Consider troubleshooting the device or contacting technical support for assistance.
  5. If you encounter the same issues on the different device, it's possible that the problem is with your Bitly account or the platform itself. In this case, try reaching out to Bitly support for further assistance or consider using an alternative URL shortening service.

By trying to access Bitly from a different device, you can gather valuable information about the source of the problem and potentially find a solution to get back to using Bitly without any disruptions.

Contact Bitly support

If you are experiencing issues with Bitly because it is down, the best course of action is to contact their support team. They will be able to help you troubleshoot the problem and provide any necessary assistance. There are several ways you can get in touch with Bitly support:

Email Support

You can reach out to Bitly support via email by sending a message to their dedicated support email address. Make sure to include all relevant details about the issue you are facing and any error messages you may have received. This will help the support team diagnose the problem more effectively. Expect a response within a few business days.

Live Chat

If you require immediate assistance, you can also try engaging in a live chat with a Bitly support representative. This option is available on their website during their regular business hours. Simply provide your name, email address, and a brief description of the issue, and a support agent will be with you shortly to help resolve the problem.

Help Center

Bitly also has a comprehensive help center that contains a wealth of information and resources to assist with troubleshooting common issues. You can search for articles and guides related to your problem to see if there is a known solution. This can be a useful first step before reaching out to their support team directly.

By contacting Bitly support, you can ensure that your issue is properly addressed and resolved. They have a dedicated team that is experienced in dealing with a wide range of technical problems, so don't hesitate to reach out if you are experiencing difficulties when Bitly is down.

Alternatives to Bitly

If Bitly is down and you are looking for alternatives, there are several other URL shortening services that you can consider. While Bitly is one of the most popular and widely used URL shorteners, these alternatives offer similar features and functionalities.

1. TinyURL: TinyURL is one of the oldest and most reliable URL shorteners available. It offers a simple and straightforward interface, allowing users to shorten their URLs quickly and easily. TinyURL also provides additional features such as custom aliases and password protection for shortened links.

2. is a URL shortening service provided by Hootsuite, a popular social media management platform. It offers a range of features, including the ability to track link clicks, measure engagement, and analyze audience demographics. also integrates seamlessly with Hootsuite's other social media management tools.

3. Rebrandly: Rebrandly is a URL shortening service that focuses on branding and customizability. It allows users to create branded short links using their own custom domain names. Rebrandly also offers advanced features such as link retargeting and link expiration, making it a versatile tool for marketers and businesses.

4. is another reliable URL shortener that offers a range of features. It allows users to create custom short links, track link clicks, and analyze link performance. also provides browser extensions and a RESTful API for developers to integrate the service into their applications.

5. is a minimalist URL shortening service that focuses on simplicity and speed. It offers a clean and ad-free interface, making it ideal for users who prefer a no-frills experience. Despite its simplicity, still provides essential features such as click statistics and QR code generation for shortened URLs.

These are just a few examples of the many alternatives to Bitly that you can explore. Each of these services has its own unique features and advantages, so it's worth trying out a few to see which one best suits your needs.

Please note that the availability and performance of these alternatives may vary, so it's always a good idea to have multiple options in case Bitly or any other service is down. - URL shortening service is a popular URL shortening service provided by Hootsuite. It allows users to quickly and easily shorten long URLs, making them more concise and shareable.

When Bitly is down or experiencing issues, users often turn to alternative URL shortening services like to continue their work. offers similar features to Bitly, allowing users to shorten URLs and track click-through rates.

Features of

  • URL shortening: Just like Bitly, allows users to shorten long URLs with just a few clicks.
  • Tracking: provides users with click-through rate tracking, allowing them to analyze the performance of their shortened URLs.
  • Customization: Users can customize their shortened URLs with a custom domain, making them more brandable.
  • Scheduling: offers the option to schedule the release of shortened URLs, allowing users to plan their social media content in advance.

How to use

Using is simple and straightforward:

  1. Head to the website or access the service through the Hootsuite dashboard if you are a Hootsuite user.
  2. Paste your long URL into the designated field and click "Shorten".
  3. will generate a shortened URL for you to use.
  4. If desired, customize the shortened URL with a custom domain option.
  5. Track the click-through rate using the provided analytics.

While is a reliable alternative to Bitly, it's always a good idea to have multiple URL shortening services in your toolbox to ensure you have options if one service is down or experiencing issues.

TinyURL - URL Shortening Service

TinyURL is a popular URL shortening service that allows users to reduce the length of their website links. It serves as an alternative to Bitly when it is down or experiencing issues. TinyURL works by converting long URLs into shorter, more manageable links, making it easier to share and remember.

Users simply need to paste their long URL into the provided field on the TinyURL website, and a shortened version will be generated. This shortened link can then be used in social media posts, emails, or any other platform where character count is limited.

TinyURL also offers several features to improve the user experience. This includes the ability to customize the shortened URL with a custom alias, track the number of clicks on the link, and set an expiration date for the link.

Advantages of TinyURL

There are several advantages to using TinyURL:

  1. Shortens long URLs to make them more manageable and easier to share.
  2. Allows customization of the shortened URL with a custom alias.
  3. Provides analytics on the number of clicks on the link.
  4. Offers the option to set an expiration date for the link.

Using TinyURL as an Alternative to Bitly

When Bitly is down or experiencing issues, TinyURL can be used as a reliable alternative. It offers similar functionality, allowing users to shorten and customize their URLs. By utilizing TinyURL, users can continue to share links without interruption.

Pros Cons
Simple and user-friendly interface Does not offer as many advanced features as Bitly
Customizable shortened URLs May experience occasional downtime
Provides click analytics

In conclusion, TinyURL is a reliable URL shortening service that can be used as an alternative to Bitly when it is down or experiencing issues. It offers a user-friendly interface, customizable shortened URLs, and click analytics. While it may not have as many advanced features as Bitly, it provides a solid solution for those in need of a URL shortener.

Rebrandly - URL shortening service

When Bitly is down, it can be frustrating for users who rely on URL shortening services. Fortunately, there are alternatives available, and one of the top contenders is Rebrandly.

Rebrandly is a powerful URL shortening service that offers users the ability to create custom short links for their websites, social media profiles, and marketing campaigns. With Rebrandly, you can easily shorten long URLs into short, branded links that are memorable and on-brand.

Features of Rebrandly:

1. Custom Domain Support: Rebrandly allows you to use your own custom domain for short links, giving your brand a professional and cohesive appearance.

2. Link Tracking and Analytics: With Rebrandly, you can track the performance of your short links and gain valuable insights into how they are being clicked and shared.

3. Team Collaboration: Rebrandly offers collaboration features that allow you to work with your team members on short link campaigns, making it easier to manage and track your links.

Comparison with Bitly:

While Bitly is a popular choice for URL shortening, Rebrandly offers unique features such as custom domain support and team collaboration, which may be particularly valuable for businesses and marketing teams.

Feature Rebrandly Bitly
Custom Domain Support Yes No
Link Tracking and Analytics Yes Yes
Team Collaboration Yes No

Overall, Rebrandly is a reliable alternative to Bitly when it is down. Its custom domain support and collaboration features make it a great choice for businesses and teams in need of a powerful URL shortening service.

Custom URL shorteners

Having a custom URL shortener can be a great way to enhance your brand and make your links more recognizable. Both individuals and businesses can benefit from the use of custom URL shorteners, especially when popular services like bitly are down or experiencing issues.

With a custom URL shortener, you can create shortened links that include your brand name or a relevant keyword. This can help increase brand recognition, improve link trustworthiness, and make your links more memorable for users.

Setting up a custom URL shortener typically involves purchasing a domain name and configuring the URL shortening software or service to use that domain. Once set up, you can start creating shortened links with your custom domain.

When bitly is down or not accessible, having a custom URL shortener can save you from the inconvenience of disrupted link management. You won't have to rely on a third-party service to create and manage your links, and your links will still work even if bitly is experiencing issues.

In addition to self-hosted custom URL shorteners, there are also third-party services available that offer custom URL shortening solutions. These services often provide additional features and analytics to help you track the performance of your shortened links.

When considering a custom URL shortener, it's important to choose a reliable service or setup that offers good uptime and performance. It's also worth considering the scalability of the solution, especially if you anticipate a large volume of shortened links.

Advantages of custom URL shorteners Disadvantages of custom URL shorteners
- Enhanced brand recognition - Requires initial setup and maintenance
- Increased link trustworthiness - Cost of purchasing a domain
- Improved link memorability - Additional configuration and potential technical challenges
- Greater control over link management - Responsibility for link analytics and tracking

Overall, custom URL shorteners can be a valuable alternative to popular services like bitly, especially during times when bitly is down or facing issues. They offer greater control, improved branding, and increased trustworthiness for your shortened links. Consider exploring the option of a custom URL shortener to enhance your link management strategy.


Why is Bitly down?

There could be various reasons why Bitly is down, such as server issues, maintenance work, or technical glitches. It is best to check the official Bitly status page or social media accounts for any updates on the outage.

How long will Bitly be down?

The duration of the downtime can vary depending on the cause of the issue. It could be a few minutes to several hours. It is recommended to follow Bitly's official announcements for updates on the estimated time of service restoration.

Are there any alternatives to Bitly?

Yes, there are several alternative URL shorteners available such as TinyURL,, and Rebrandly. These services offer similar features and can help you in shortening and tracking your links.

Can I still track my links if Bitly is down?

No, if Bitly is down, you won't be able to access the tracking information for your links. It is advisable to keep backups of your links elsewhere or use alternative URL shorteners that offer link tracking.

Is there any way to fix Bitly if it's not working?

If Bitly is not working for you, you can try some troubleshooting steps such as clearing your browser cache, disabling browser extensions, or trying a different browser. If the issue persists, you can reach out to Bitly support for further assistance.

Why is Bitly down?

There could be multiple reasons why Bitly is down, including server maintenance, technical issues, or an unexpected outage. It's best to check their official website or social media accounts for any announcements or updates regarding the downtime.